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Get started with our best practice solutions for your cloud, data and security so you can give yourself the best start. Gain a competitive advantage through speed and efficiency!

Data Platform

Serverless has been the go to computational model for nearly every aspect of modern IT in the last few years. It has been a proven method for building feature rich applications at speed, often reducing the time to app from 12 months to 6 weeks. We’re doing that to data. Don’t wait 12 months for your data platform... get ahead of the competition with insights from your data in just 6 weeks at a fraction of the cost!

Data platform by cloudseeder.

Cloud Platform

Our cloud platform provides a governed set of accounts, VPC’s, security best practices and controls so that clients can get out of the gate with peace of mind, ready for everything the cloud can throw at them.

Cloud platform by cloudseeder.

Security Platform

Our security platform is designed for customers who are leveraging a single account or an older organisation account structure with an out of date security posture - this solution brings you up to current best practices defined by AWS! We leverage many AWS security services and concepts, from Identity and Access Management to threat detection and continuous monitoring.

Security platform by cloudseeder.

Need Training? We've got you covered.

Remote Training

We can assist in training your staff so you don't have to. And our video courses are effective and engaging.

Learning Paths

Create a learning path so your staff learn exactly what they need to get the job effectively.

Custom Videos

We can create any type of training video you require, with greenscreen and twitch-style face to camera technologies available.

Save money

By having us create your training videos, once created your organisation can use the videos over and over again - any time a new employee starts or requires a knowledge refresh.


The right price for you, whoever you are

Our cloud products are tailored specifically to help you make the most of the cloud. We've refined them over the course of our 20 years of collective experience in the cloud and 40 years in IT. We want to give you the best of our knowledge!

Cloud Platform

  • Operational Accounts + VPCs

  • Best-practise blueprints and security

  • Visibility and guardrails

Most popular

Data Platform

  • Serverless Data Platform

  • Low-cost, pay per consumption

  • Ingestion, storage, querying, dashboards

  • Simplify security management

  • Self-service access to data

Security Platform

  • Security Tooling

  • IAM Foundations

  • Incident Response Automation!

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